From Miss Fisher

Image by A. Fisher

Image by A. Fisher

My name is Phoebe Fisher, I am a third-year pre-service teacher from Flinders University but am currently teaching in the year 4 teacher class at Kingstown Primary School. I am also currently the wondrous editor of this blog.

As the school year has only just begun I thought I would let you all know a bit about me.

  • I study at Flinders University.
  • I have a strong Arts background, particularly in dance and music.
  • I am passionate about the Arts and English (particularly creative writing) and study both currently at Flinders University.
  • While I am still fairly new to teaching, I believe strongly in working collaboratively and working with others in the field to better my practice. I also hope to continue learning once I’m permanently in the classroom and am excited to see all students in my class achieve greatness.

Throughout the school year this blog will become full of posts, uploads, and updates from myself and the students on:

  • The different topics we’ve been learning about
  • Some examples of the work students have created
  • Class, school and community news
  • Acknowledgement of outstanding student achievements

I encourage all parents and caregivers to post comments and ask questions on this blog and subscribe to stay updated with all the happenings in year 4!